We believe that effective philanthropy
is structured, well managed and adaptable.

Our purpose is to support Philanthropists, Family Foundations, Corporate and Community Organisations develop and implement innovative ideas and initiatives that deliver lasting benefit to the community.

growing Change provides a range of philanthropic advisory and management services to support those involved in philanthropy and community development.Our highly-trained and dedicated team of philanthropy advisors can assist you in making the right decision when it comes to giving a charity. We will help you create a strategic, long term plan that can help you achieve targeted goals so that you can support the causes you want to resolve as soon as possible. Our sole objective is to support family foundations and philanthropists so that they can contribute their share in the community. Whether you need learning resources or important data related to this, you can feel free to call us. We are one of the trusted names when it comes to converting ideas related to philanthropic into desired outcomes for the betterment of the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support, motivate and grow the philanthropic sector for the development of our society and community. Since inception, we have been developing our concepts and gained in-depth knowledge about philanthropy. This way, we can serve the community of people who wants to do something good for the social and cultural sectors of Australia. Our dedicated, enthusiastic and full of life team members can research on different philanthropic programs and events and undertake studies to develop new foundations depending on the current needs and situation. Our mission is to become the best and most trusted community for philanthropists, and we are heading towards it – thanks to our teamwork and dedication.

Our Purpose

Being a responsible organisation, Growing Change emphasises on serving the community of Philanthropists, Family Foundations, Community and Corporate Organisations, Social investors, Funders and other communities working to achieve positive social, environmental and cultural change. We have a team of independent, informed and dedicated members who can influence, guide and nourish the future of philanthropy community. Our organisation strive hard to offer the best advisory and management solution to this sector which comes together to build its collective voice and establish strong networks across the nation. From providing learning resources to important data, we do everything for the development of the philanthropic sector.

How Can We Help?

Growing Change is one of the trusted organisations which can help you transform ideas about philanthropic giving into tangible results. As one of the leading community, we hold special skills to access straightforward information and provide advisory services to make sure you achieve your philanthropic outcomes.

With years of experience, we have gained in-depth knowledge around philanthropy so that we can serve the community of people who develop the social and cultural sectors of the nation. We have a highly-trained team of professionals who can evaluate different philanthropic operations and programs and undertake studies for prospective initiatives, such as the development of new foundations and trusts for the betterment of the society.

We are trained and credible grantmakers, and we have great potential to research, evaluate and recommend for various charitable projects locally and nationally across Australia. Our consulting and research department covers an ample range of client interest, including education, management services, community development programs, the environmental issues, etc. We are known for providing:

Establishing philanthropic trusts

We, at Growing Change, aim at transforming philanthropic ideas into reality by undertaking activities. It comprises examining the flexibility of philanthropic initiatives, developing strategic goals, discovering structural options and providing support for trust funds. We want to help you pick the best charities that will suit your cause and help you give your precious funds to charities in need. Our team is well-trained and efficient works hard to help you out in any endeavor. Our team picks several charities for you and help you decide where you can invest your funds in and we work together with you to make these decisions.

What Do Philanthropy Consultants Do?

This question is commonly asked as many people are yet unaware about the responsibilities of a philanthropy consultant. Our highly-trained philanthropy consultants have years of experience in their field. They specialise in guiding families, potential individuals and organisations in their charitable efforts to boost effectiveness and impact. We offer customised advice on strategic giving and assisting our prestigious clients to identify their targeted philanthropic goals and streamline them with real causes. We also conduct detailed research to find out most reliable initiatives and charities across the city to help you make donations the most effective manner. We also assist you in setting up foundations and managing investments for a good cause. Here is a list of things our philanthropy consultants do:

  • Activism
  • Advocacy
  • Policy making
  • Figuring logistics
  • Research
  • Technology and better communication

Providing Best Grantmaking Advice

We offer one of the most reliable grantmaking advices that is customised to meet the needs of stakeholders. We have years of experience in supporting organisations to achieve targeted goals of the philanthropic community. We help you grow more and enrich the community with your philanthropy and create goodwill among the people. This will help foster a spirit of unity among the community members and keep everyone in good spirits.

Support the Cause You Care About!

At Growing Change, we focus on making unforgettable impact on our community and for future generations. Our team of philanthropy advisors and consultants can assist your charitable giving and social impact investment opportunities. Our support and guidance will help you do a good job for the community. We will help you create a strategic and long-run plan that can fulfil your goals and you can support the causes you are passionate about. We are also determined towards our goal and that’s why developing scalable infrastructure tactics and development programs for charitable giving vehicles. To know more about our organisation, feel free to visit us or reach us via call.

We hold Technical Expertise

At Growing Change, we take pride in offering advanced knowledge to let you explore complicated philanthropic structures, operations and legal issues with ease. We have a proven track record of providing custom-made governance training, auditing services, practical solutions to the people associated with the Philanthropic community.

Providing Strategic Growth Guidance

We aim at providing tactical advisory to grow funds under management. Our job is to run board workshops and help organisations to identify and develop reliable funding sources.

Growing Change invites all funders across Australia to supply their grant data for the development of philanthropy community and other NGO’s that are serving our local society.

We offer short & long
term consultancies to:

  • Individual philanthropists
  • Family Foundations
  • Will trusts
  • Corporate Foundations
  • Wealth management companies
  • Not for profit organisations

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